5 Fun New Fashion Trends to Try This Year

off the shoulder blouse

Fashion trends are fun to follow. It’s nice to keep an eye on what’s going on within the industry. Even though you may not want to implement the trends verbatim, it’s still nice to maintain a strong understanding of what’s out there. A wardrobe with tons of classics and pops of the trend is the best way to create a timeless and fashionable look. If you’re looking for a few fashions to try this year, consider these five.

1. Khaki

army green photo

Instead of reaching for your standard pair of true blue jeans, pull out the starch, ironing board and a cute pair of khaki pants. Khakis come in a variety of colors such as tan, army green and navy blue. They can easily be dressed up with a pair of pumps and a cute blouse. Khakis are also easy to keep casual with a pair of flats and a simple hoodie.

2. Gel Nails

gel nails photo
Photo by smalle7

The standard manicure can take a long time to try. It can also be very difficult to deal with when it comes to chipping and breaking. Thankfully, you can avoid this whole process by getting gel nails. With gel nails, you can wash dishes, paint and do other regular tasks without worrying if your nails will break.

3. Banker Stripes

stripe shirt photo
Photo by feryswheel

Banker stripes are really clean, posh and classic. If you’re unsure, banker stripes are the ones that are super thin and are normally seen in people who work in corporate America. Banker stripes are fun to incorporate in many ways. Obviously, they can be worn to work with a skirt, pumps and a strong red lip. They can also be worn on an outing with friends. You can wear a pair of pants with banker stripes. Add them to a funky blazer in a complementary color and a pair of wedges.

4. Off the Shoulder

woman blouse photo

During the warmer months of 2017, it’ll make sense to want to show off a little skin. One of the trends that is up next to make its debut in the warmer months of 2017 is the off-the-shoulder blouse. This type of blouse will look for a relaxing day at the beach or a day of shopping. It’ll also look nice will a pair of palazzo pants for a summertime date night.

5. Glitter Strobing

Glitter strobing is an increasingly popular trend where the glittery makeup is applied in a picturesque way. If you choose to try the glitter strobing technique, make sure you only choose one area. Glitter strobing on the eyelids, cheeks and lips will be overwhelming and tacky. Choose eyelids or lips only. Refrain from doing both.

Trying these fun fashion trends will keep you ahead of the curve and the hottest dresser in town. Just remember to implement some of them in moderation to make the best fashion statement!

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Holiday Happenings: 4 Outfit Must-Haves For Your Big Christmas Party

happy girls before christmas

When you’re getting ready for a big Christmas party at work or at home, there are a few things that you likely do to prepare for the event. Your hair is likely styled in a beautiful manner, and you probably choose an outfit that is stunning, sometimes sparkling, giving off the glow of the Christmas season. To complete your ensemble, there are a few must-have accessories that will add just the touch of elegance that sets you apart.

Happy Feet

heels photo

The shoes are important as you’ll likely be on your feet for most of the time at the party. You want to choose a style that compliments the outfit that you wear. A strappy heel is ideal for a shorter dress while you want something with a lower heel for a longer dress that reaches the feet. Pantsuits work with either heels or flats. Try to find something metallic or embellished as these are popular styles for the holiday season.

Carrying It All Away

handbag photo

The handbag is an element of the outfit that you want to have on hand. You don’t want something that is large as it will get in the way while you’re mingling among guests at the party. However, you don’t want something that is too small because it could get lost, especially if there is a coat room where you can leave your personal belongings. A clutch often works best as you can easily attach a slender strap or carry it under your arm. These Open For Vintage handbags are versatile in color and design, which provides you many options when putting together your outfit.

Anything Burgundy

burgundy photo

This is a color that blends with the Christmas season. Whether it’s a dress, skirt, jacket or top, you’ll find that there are many pieces of clothing and accessories that will match this color. There are a few different shades that you’ll see during the winter season, so try to find something that matches your skin tone and that you can easily accessorize with.

Statement Jewelry

jewelry photo

From the sparkling ring to the bracelet that has Christmas charms, you want to complete your outfit with a beautiful piece of jewelry or two. Try not to add a lot to your outfit, especially if you’re wearing sequins or anything else sparkly as the jewelry can clash with the clothing. A simple pair of earrings and a necklace is all you need as long as it puts you in the holiday spirit.

Wearing a beautiful outfit and having all of the accessories is a way to enjoy yourself at your Christmas party. Find colors that are seen during the season, such as blue, red or green. Match the other items that you’ll wear for the night with the colors of your outfit so that you are as festive as possible while having fun with friends and family.

Skin Secrets to Get the Smoothness You Want

womans face

There is probably nothing as divine as the feeling of silky smooth skin. Not only does it look more youthful, but it also draws attention to the beautiful features of those areas. We all want smooth skin, and while some people are genetically blessed with soft skin, many of us are plagued with rough, dry patches that catapult us on the relentless quest for smoother skin. Whether you perform a quick search online or visit to the local drug store, you are bombarded with a variety of ways to quench your skin’s thirst. There are many factors that go into having soft skin to include a proper diet, healthy lifestyle, and a good skin care regimen.


pimple photo
Photo by Dawn Ashley

People suffering from acne first need to get their breakouts under control. Finding an effective anti-acne regimen not only helps you achieve clearer skin, but it also helps to lessen the appearance of scarring. After you’ve gotten your acne under control, then you can focus on obtaining silky skin. Visit a dermatologist for the best results.


skin secrets

Using a primer is a great way to instantly create the illusion of smooth skin. Typically, you apply it prior to makeup application to create a smooth canvas. Primers usually contain silicone or other types of hydrating agents that temporarily plump up fine lines and crevices. If you are prone to pimples, it’s best to avoid a primer that contains silicone since it can lead to further breakouts.


Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and helps to reveal the healthier skin. After a thorough exfoliation treatment, your skin feels soft and smooth. Although microdermabrasion treatments are slightly more aggressive than basic exfoliation, there is no downtime when compared to other types of peels or skincare treatments.

Hyaluronic Acid Serums

Hyaluronic Acid photo
Photo by skeyndor.oficial

Because of their collagen-boosting properties, hyaluronic acid serums are more popular than ever. These serums plump up wrinkles and skin indentations giving your skin a smoother appearance.

Silky Smooth Gams

Your face and décolletage aren’t the only places you should be focusing your skin-smoothing efforts. From helping us squat our way to a firmer fanny to walking blocks to from work, our legs certainly take a beating. And although they are always with us, we tend to neglect them. Over time, many women develop spider veins or varicose veins, which are not only unsightly and sometimes painful. According to an Ivein vein center both spider veins and varicose veins are hereditary. There many different types of treatments available to treat both conditions that include sclerotherapy and vein stripping. A Utah varicose vein screening can tell you which route to go if you’re not sure. If you’re not ready to go down the medical route though, you can still acquire a pair of swoon-worthy gams. Dry brushing helps to stimulate your lymphatics and reduce the appearance of bumpy cellulite. In addition, there are a lot of camouflage products available that will soften your skin while disguising any imperfections.

Having kissable skin no longer needs to be only a fantasy. So what are you waiting for? There are a million ways to skin, tighten and smooth your skin from head to toe.

5 Stunning Hairstyles to Make Your Daughter Feel Like a Princess

red hair band

When you’re helping your daughter get ready for the day, you’ve probably got a handful of go-to styles, but just as you enjoy trying something a new hairstyle, your daughter too might want to mix things up. Here are five ideas for styles that will make your daughter feel a little extra special.

Surprisingly Simple

dutch braid photo
Photo by Wicker Paradise

Dutch braids are like inside-out French braids. Instead of pulling in new strands of hair over the top of the braid, you add them from beneath. In this style, the braid sweeps around the head before coiling into a bun that looks like a flower.

A Literal Hair Bow

hair bow photo
Photo by bine_bardi

Your daughter may have baskets and baskets of hair accessories, but this adorable ‘do makes her own hair the feature. Simply pull a ponytail halfway through the elastic and part the resulting loop to form the sides of the bow. Pin the remaining hair over the loops and around the base of the pony tail and voila. A hair accessory that’ll always be in style.

A Princess’s Braided Crown

braided crown photo
Photo by Wicker Paradise

Every princess needs her crown. In this case, a simple pair of braids or twists serves the purpose, starting at the temples or forehead and wrapping around the head. This style works well on a variety of girl’s hairstyles and textures. Simply vary the type of braid or twist to find what works best with your daughter’s hair. For special occasions, add a little extra pizzazz by braiding in ribbons or artificial flowers.

Heart-Shaped French Braids

french braids photo
Photo by Insights Unspoken

These might be tricky if you’re still learning to French braid. Once you’ve mastered the technique, however, the heart shape created by these braids makes a nice change from everyday pigtails.

Curly Cuties

hair bow photo
Photo by Javcon117*

If your daughter has naturally curly hair, it can be a challenge to find fun new styles that don’t take forever to pull off. A simple topknot is quick and easy; take it one step further with a wide headband or scarf knotted in a bow. This adds flair as well as keeping fly-aways contained.

Trying out a new style with your daughter is a fun way to bond and spend time together. Before you know it, she’ll be styling her own hair (and rolling her eyes when you offer suggestions). But no matter how old she gets or what her hair looks like, of course she’ll always be your princess.

Photo by Javcon117*

On-The-Go Mom: 7 Must-haves For Your Go-to Bag

Bag on a female hand

It’s no secret that motherhood can be chaotic at times. We balance our own personal schedules with our kids’ school, extracurricular activities, doctor appointments, and play dates. Here are some can’t-live-without features of the perfect bag for busy moms:

Sensible Compartments

handbag  photo
Photo by TinyApartmentCrafts

Busy moms are usually always on the move, often bolting out of the door with minutes to spare and absolutely no time to dig through an oversized purse for essential items. Your go-to bag should have pockets and compartments that make sense and help you access what you need quickly. It is helpful if these include a place for your phone, keys, and day planner or bullet journal.

Durability and Space

handbag  photo
Photo by theogeo

Your go-to bag should be attractive in design but able to withstand being tossed into the backseat multiple times a day. If it is pretty but delicate, then it will only become a decorative burden. Make sure that your bag is a big enough size that you can carry what you deem essential, but not feel like you’re carrying around a duffel bag. Take into consideration the types of activities you will be attending and what your normal day-to-day schedule looks like.

Sanitation Tools

hand sanitizer photo
Photo by Valerie Everett

Let’s face it, kids are messy. Stash some tissues, travel sized baby wipes and hand sanitizer in one of the zipper pockets so that you are always ready for sticky hands and runny noses. This can be especially important when flu and cold season hit to prevent the spread of germs.

First Aid Items

First Aid kit photo
Photo by dlg_images

As moms, we have to constantly think ahead so that we are prepared for just about any calamity. No bag is complete without at least a few first aid items. This might include antiseptic wipes, bandages, antibiotic ointment, and tweezers. If you have the essentials of a mini first-aid kit, you will always be prepared for any splinter, minor cut, or scrape.


medications photo

If you or your family suffers from allergies or other medical conditions, it is crucial to have necessary prescriptions or appropriate over-the-counter medications on hand. Some medications, like Dymista for allergy relief, you may want to consider keeping in your bag. It is a good idea to include headache medicine, light pain relievers, and antacids. For more serious allergies, it is important to keep an EpiPen or prescriptions in your bag so that they are accessible. There is nothing worse than needing a prescription in an emergency only to realize it’s back at the car our house. By carrying clearly labeled prescriptions and common medications, you will always be prepared for any emergency that may arise. They’re also fairly easy to store in small containers and shouldn’t take up an unusual amount of space in your bag.

Sewing Kit

sewing kit photo
Photo by Ozzy Delaney

Whether you prefer a fully stocked compact sewing kit or a tiny box with nothing more than a threaded needle, keep a sewing kit in your bag for those inevitable situations that require quick mending. You will save yourself some time and stress the next time your little soccer star rips a hole in her jersey right before a big game.

Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal photo
Photo by y0mbo

If you have not yet heard of a bullet journal, you are missing out! This planning system is a straightforward way to consolidate your day planner with all your other lists and note books. Use it to plan for future events, stay on top of your deadlines and appointments, simplify your shopping, and make wish-lists. A quick internet search should lead you to several helpful tutorials to get you started.

Bottom line, your go-to bag should make your life easier. It should not be yet another burden in your packed schedule. The best tote for any mom-on-the-go is one that will simplify your day by comfortably storing items that will meet your family’s needs and help you achieve your goals.

6 Simple Style Tips for the Budget Shopper

We’ve all been there: you’re in your favorite store and you’ve just found the perfect sweater. It’s the right cut, color, and brand. It’s also way out of your budget. Do not worry budget fashionista, there is hope. Armed with a little bit of ingenuity, it’s easy to look great while still sticking to that budget.

Tip 1: Add Accessories to Classic Pieces

jewellery photo

Trendy clothes are exciting, but they can have a negative effect on your bank balance. Rather than wasting money on expensive pieces that are going to be out of style next month, focus on classic wardrobe pieces that will look great for a long time. Not only will you look back at old pictures of yourself with a smile, but you’ll also save money by keeping these high-quality pieces in your closet longer. Add accessories to these pieces to make them pop.

Tip 2: Hit the Thrift Store for Shoes

shoes photo

Women in your hometown are taking great shoes to the thrift store. They have closets full of shoes and will often send expensive pairs to be donated to make room for their collection. All you have to do is jump in and find these high-quality, sometimes designer, shoes just waiting to be picked up!

Tip 3: Upcycle

diy photo
Photo by FootMassagez

When the trendy accessories and shoes become a bit stale, or when you need to breathe just a little bit of extra life into those thrift store shoes, it’s time to upcycle!

Get in on the embellished sunglasses trend and turn some plastic trinkets and hot glue into some trendy shades. If you’re really feeling crafty, take some spray paint to your shoes and really have some fun.

Tip 4: Use Those Discounts

discount photo

Do not forget about the simple art of figuring out who will give you a discount. Students can find dozens of stores willing to give them discounts just for showing their ID, but students aren’t the only people who can get discounts. Seniors, loyalty card members, and email list subscribers are also prime candidates to get nice percentages off of their purchases just because they remember to ask. You can even set up an email account separate from your personal one to use to sign up for coupon offers for the stores you really love.

Tip 5: Raid Your Boyfriend’s Closet

white shirt photo

This tip is especially helpful if your boyfriend has a few flannel or button up shirts lying around. Don’t buy an oversized flannel shirt when there is a free one sitting right there. His button up shirt might also look good as a long jacket over your outfit. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Tip 6: Shop in More Expensive Stores

elegant shop photo

This may seem counterintuitive but stick with me. Inexpensive stores run very close to their bottom line. Any discounts you see in these locations are likely to be underwhelming and on products you aren’t excited about. If you shop in more expensive locations and stick to the clearance racks, you are far more likely to find higher quality merchandise at even better prices. Higher end locations can afford to practically give away their clearance items, sometimes moving them out before the season is even over so they can make room for the next big thing in fashion.

Bonus Tip: Use Your Checkbook

checkbook photo
Photo by RikkisRefugeOther

This little life hack can really save you money in the long run. The cards in your wallet cost you interest, and the companies benefit when you lose track of how much you’re spending. You could even try ordering checks online for a discount on those, too! Using your trusty checkbook to pay for items can help you pay for things without having to add interest—and you’ve always got a record of your purchases handy.

So what are you waiting for? Use these tips to expand your fashion horizons without deflating your bank account!

What Your Eyeglasses Say About You

Wearing eyeglasses becomes part of your identity. People tend to judge others based first on how they look, and this is no exception for the bespectacled. That is why it is important to understand that different styles of eyewear communicate different things about who you are.

All about Business

Bottega Veneta Eyewear rectangular shape glasses

When it comes to eyeglasses, the more conservative designs are also the most professional. This is because the minimalist look gives off a no-nonsense attitude, which is perfect in the workplace. For people who live and breathe their professions, looking into a pair of classic oval or rectangle frames is a good idea. Also, remember to keep the color template simple and understated.

Trendy and Fashionable

Bulgari cat eye frame glasses

These days, it is possible to acquire a pair of eyeglasses that look both stylish and hip. Obviously anyone is free to wear such a style, but glasses of this type are especially recommended for students. Whether in high school or college, a nice pair of fashionable eyewear will help to set you apart from the rest of the crowd. Experiment with bright colors and don’t be afraid to go for big frames. Being bold is the name of the game, and retro frame styles are cooler than ever.

Runway Ready

Balenciaga Eyewear marble effect glasses

There may not be many fashion shows especially for glasses, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t eyeglasses out there that wouldn’t be out of place on a Paris or New York runway. There are all kinds of beautiful stylings in this category, especially for women. For men, understatement has always been the primary objective of fashion. If you want to change things up a bit though, try a bold color like green or blue on a traditional pair of frames. For women, the sky really is the limit. Why not try a pair of wide framed glasses with geometric shapes built into the design. Jewel encrusting is also a great idea, if you are willing to spend a little extra. When it comes to being fashionable with your eyeglasses, the only limit is your own creativity.

So all in all, there are a lot of different options to choose from when you go to pick out your next pair of eyeglasses. Visit an eyeglass dealer like Identity Optical and try stepping out of your comfort zone and trying a new style. Fashion is all about making a statement, and what we wear on a day to day basis is a very important part of who we are. For those of us who wear eyeglasses, we get one more item to add to our wardrobe, so it might as well be a good one.

Six Sweet Summer Styles Not Only For Moms

With summer underway now is the time to mix things up and have a little fun with your wardrobe. Whether it’s adding a new accessory or trying out a whole new look, here are six of the sweetest summer styles to try out:

  1. Femme Is In

ASOS Strappy Broderie Mini Sundress

This season’s runways were brimming with pastels, paisleys, and pretty lace dresses. What was once viewed as formal or classy dress-up wear is now on trend for summer casual, so slip on a flouncy floral dress or tulle skirt and pair with your favorite sneakers or denim jacket for a more laid-back look.

  1. Rompers

ASOS TALL 90's Halter Romper

Rompers and jumpsuits made a huge comeback in early spring, and are perfect for all hours and activities. You can throw one on over your swimsuit or while you’re out running errands, and likewise pair with heels and dramatic jewelry for a fun but sophisticated evening outfit. And with rompers available in every imaginable color and print, you can easily put your own unique touch on these flirty but functional pieces.

  1. Get Sporty

The Fifth Dark Paradise Pants In Navy

Athleisure is all the rage right now thanks to celebrity lines such as Kate Hudson’s Fabletics and Beyonce’s Ivy Park. Try a new pair of leggings from either your favorite local store or an online retailer like Simple Addiction. Pair those leggings with an off-shoulder top and ankle boots for a nightlife spin on sportswear, or wear them under your favorite mini dress or short-shorts for a street-chic flair.

  1. Do It with Denim

ASOS Stretch Denim Shrunken Jacket in Washed Black

Let’s face it, denim never goes out of style. And with top designers updating new looks with acid washes and edgy cutoffs, you can dress your favorite frayed denim shorts up with chunky heels and sophisticated top, or keep it casual with a pretty blouse and lace-up flats.

  1. Go Glam

ASOS TALL Classic Tropical Wrap Front Beach Romper

While we generally think of summer as the time for bronze tans and tropical prints, you can never go wrong with timeless vintage glam. Go for clean and classy a’la Audrey Hepburn with crisp blouses, feminine skirts, and ballet flats. You can also vamp it up with a Marilyn Monroe-worthy red lipstick and fitted pencil skirt, finished off with a pair of retro cateye sunglasses.

  1. Bohemian Beauty

ASOS Soft Jacquard Dress with Deep Plunge and Metal Belt

Indulge your inner free spirit with loose-fitting flowy gowns paired with vests, wide brimmed boho hats, and lots of turquoise and gemstone jewelry. Delicate embroidered blouses and Grecian-style sandals further keep the festival going all summer long, and keep you cool and comfy no matter how hot the days and nights get.

Easy Fashion Tips for Moms on the Go

Whether you are on the go or just a simple stay at home type of mom, there are fashion styles and tips that you can use just to make yourself feel special or up to date. Depending on your mood and your life style there are various ways to improve your look without a lot of fuss. These simple tips will help to improve your fashion as well as make you a new trend setter who just so happens to be running after little ones.

When it comes to adding some flare to your outfit, pick one simple go to item that will make your whole look without making it too bold. The best option, a scarf.

black blazerGrab a black blazer. This type of look will go great over a simple floral dress, or jeans and a t-shirt. This simple look can take you from drab to fab in a moment.

Mornings can be a real hassle. Getting the kids ready for school, getting ready for work, and trying to rush out the door before everyone is late. Sometimes, you just don’t have time to wash or dry your hair, so Dry shampoo can be a real life saver. Use it when you don’t have time to have the make your hair look its best.

Add in some color. The best way for you to incorporate colors into your fashion is by getting some colorful ballet flats. Not only can you slip them on and go, but they come in a huge variety of bright colors that you can pair with a white or black t-shirt and jeans.

Stick to the basics when it comes to make-up. No one really has time to go all out when they take their little ones to daycare or school and unless you have a date that night, there is no point. Stick to the essentials such as moisturizers, mascara, lip gloss, and eyeliner. These things are easy to apply and quick to do when you are on the go.

These tips will get you started and you can always find ways to make yourself the ultimate fashion mom.