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One of my favorite Halloween parties is coming this weekend, October 26. PruBoo is a day full of great holiday fun all inside The Shops at Prudential Center. Trick or Treat from store to store, craft tables, live music...your kids will be asleep in the car on the way home for sure. 

Bye Bye Baby Weight

I suffer from extreme anxiety. Extreme. I normally handle this very well and if I didn't mention it, you wouldn't have known. The weird thing is, for some inexplicable reason, it manifests itself as travel anxiety. It's very difficult to explain what that means. I am not worried about anything at all. In fact, I'm a seasoned traveler. I don't think there will be anything out of the ordinary at all but i'm anxious. It starts days in advance as a knot in my stomach. I can't eat as much. I pace more. I plan and make lists but it doesn't seem to make the anxiety subside. 

I always thought I had a strong personal style. I've never been on the cutting edge of trendy fashion or anything, but I knew who I was. My entire life has been spent dressing accordingly. My clothing choices were a point of much amusement for peers when I was a kid. I got teased a lot. I held my head up and didn't waiver in my style. Ironically "Hipster" is now a thing, I'm pretty certain that is how I dressed in elementary school. 

Taking BandAid Off

There is  no way that you don't know that a year ago Boston was shaken to it's core because of bombings at the Boston Marathon Finish Line. It was national news but more importantly it was our local news. You never wake up expecting that your city will be faced with something so terrible. 

The difference between local news and national news though, is that even when the rest of the country wasn't actively thinking about the Boston Marathon of 2013, here at home we thought of it everyday. Everyday we thought about the victims. Everyday we collectively watched as those physically and mentally injured, healed.  

There have been a lot of tears in Boston this year. 

Yesterday, the third Monday of April 2014, like every third Monday before it for the past 118 years; was Marathon Monday. 

It's here. I know it's here because the Crocus are here, the first official sign of spring because you can't count on the weather man. I have missed the sun. The warm air. Being outside. 

During the Kindergarten registration process, months ago in Boston, I was told notice would be sent out in mid-March. This is a big deal. Half of the families registering for a K1 (which is a pre K) spot in Boston, don't get assigned a seat at all. For us, that would mean a third year paying out of pocket for preschool that we can't really even afford. 

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