5 Reasons to Enroll Your Child in a Private Kindergarten

There’s always a lot of debate over the merits of private school versus public school. Some say that private schools provide a better education and a safer environment for their children, while others insist that they are expensive and elitist. What doesn’t often come up is when a child should be enrolled in a private school. Most parents know about private elementary schools and high schools, but they might not have considered private kindergarten for their children. It turns out that there are a lot of benefits to enrolling a child in a private kindergarten like Miniapple International Montessori School. Here are just five to think about if you are considering this option for your child.

Specialized Individual Instruction

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One of the best reasons to enroll your child in a private kindergarten is to make sure they receive a more specialized education. Private schools always have smaller classes, which translates into children that receive more attention from teachers. Kindergarten can be a difficult time for some children, and you might find that your child will benefit from a more specialized education in a classroom with fewer children.

More Qualified Teachers

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While there is no guarantee that a private school teacher will be “better” than most public school teachers, most private kindergartens have the resources to hire the most qualified teachers available. When combined with a smaller classroom and more specialized instruction, this will make for a better early education for your child.

Education According to Religious Beliefs

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Not everyone will want their child educated according to specific religious beliefs, but those who do will find a private kindergarten that suits them. Religion is normally not a part of any public school classroom, but many private schools run things differently. If you disagree with religion being a part of your child’s education, there are still plenty of other private kindergartens that will provide a more secular setting.

Parental Involvement Is Strongly Encouraged

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Good parents should always be closely involved in their children’s education, but that isn’t always strongly encouraged in public schools. The problem is that public school classes are often big enough that it just isn’t possible for parents to have a hand in their children’s education, even in kindergarten. However, private kindergartens make that much easier with their smaller classes and general expectation that parents will be more invested in their child’s education.

A Safer Environment

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While public schools aren’t necessarily unsafe, private kindergartens tend to be safer thanks to the reasons we discussed above. Smaller class sizes, more specialized instruction, and more involved parents mean that it is easier to supervise children and keep them safe.

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