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Sunday Review: Mimijumi Very Hungry Bottle

In my house, Breast is Best. As many of you know breastfeeding is very important to me. Of all the things that motherhood brings, I think the gift of feeding, nurturing and bonding with my daughter is the greatest. I feel I am among a lucky minority of women who had no problem breastfeeding my daughter. I know so many woman who have struggled. Shed countless tears. Experienced pain and heartache and many who in the end, were unable to continue breastfeeding at all. But, lets face the facts. Sometimes, an exclusively breastfeeding mama needs to get out of the house without the baby. If for no other reason then sanity. 

If I were to quantify Coraline's bottle usage I would say it was rare. Date night with my husband and  girls night out with my girlfriends are the only times I have taken out the pump to make a bottle. It was heartbreaking the first time because I love feeding my daughter. The first time we gave her a bottle I said to my husband and mother, "why don't they make bottles look like boobs?" Funny isn't it, you would think that the best and easiest thing to do would be to replicate a breast as closely as possible. So when I found The Very Hungry Bottle made by Mimijumi, I secretly checked the house for hidden listening devices. I love when that happens...finally, someone makes some sense. 

That's how I feel about the Mimijumi Very Hungry Bottle. They made some sense in design. In an effort to transition between breastfeeding and bottle feeding, they made a bottle that is based on mamas tatas ( I couldn't help myself there). They know that nothing is better for bonding then when a mother feeds her child and this creates a great surrogate when that is not possible.

First lets talk packaging. Not something you normally pay too much conscious attention to but it's more important then you might think. I didn't give baby bottle packaging any thought until I got this in the mail. 

Very Hungry Bottle BoxThis looks like something you are immediately interested in. The package made me think, wow these are people who thought about this, a lot. It's bright. It's fun, see the little personified milk drop? Love it. If this much care was put into the packaging, what is this bottle like? 

You thought I was posting a picture of a breast, didn't you?

It's great. This nipple looks like a nipple. The texture is completely breast like, different on the "mound" then on the nipple. It's soft. Boobs are soft! I mean this doesn't feel at all like you are touching silicone but it is indeed high quality food and medical grade silicone.  It's the color of flesh, reminding me of Silly Putty in a really good way. I could seriously go on and on about this nipple, I love it. We used the rate 1 nipple which has a slow flow, it comes in rates 2 and 3 as well.

The bottle itself is made from BPA free plastic that was engineered in Switzerland. The Swiss know some things about engineering, have you seen those knives? It's clear and I noticed that it didn't get cloudy when I ran it through the dishwasher. Not sure what that means but our other bottles do that and I'm not a fan of the clouding.  Ours was The Very Hungry 8oz but there is also a Not So Hungry 4oz. It has a really wide neck which was great because I didn't spill my precious pumped milk all over the counter. Usually I'm doing this one handed. Baby in one hand, pumped milk in the other. With the "regular" bottle size I always spill a bit. That matters a lot when you are a breastfeeding mama cause pumping your milk out is pretty much like pumping liquid gold. *

awesome wide mouth

Know what else rocks when you have a kicking baby in one arm and an open bottle of milk in the other? A non-skid bottom on the bottle. It's made of the same food grade silicone as the nipple and it can be removed for washing. When you have it on though, it allows you to twist the nipple on with one hand! Try that without a non-skid base (I have and it was a huge fail).

Mimijumi was also thinking like a mom when they made this angle. It allows the eating to be more natural, the bottle doesn't have to be held straight up in the air. The flow is great and when the nipple fills up with milk, it becomes even more realistic. 


We love this bottle and we are not the only ones. It just came out in November 2009 and is a Gold winner at the Spark Design Awards.  So far, you probably won't find one in stores yet, leave a comment on the blog (include your email address) and let me know if it's something you would buy!  One lucky winner in the future? Perhaps a secret giveaway? :)


*Liquid Gold

Thanks to Mimijumi for sending a sample of The Very Hungry Bottle for us to test out. Cora and I truly adore it.