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Review: Gaia Natural Baby


When given the opportunity to review Gaia Skin Naturals baby line, I was excited. What I like about Gaia as a company is that it was started by a mother looking for a better product for her child.  They say necessity is the mother of invention, I say, mothers are the mothers of invention :) 


In 2002 mama Michelle Vogrinec was faced with the problem of finding gentle products for her newborn who had eczema. Most children who develop eczema do so before the age of 5  but even babies and children without sensitive skin deserve the natural and gentle ingredients. 


Something i find just as important as the ingredients are the things  will not include: NO sulphates, petrochemicals, lanolin, paraben preservatives, propylene glycol, phthalates or artificial fragrances in any of our products. I rarely use anything with artificial fragrance anyway but the Gaia Baby things smell yummy.  All ingredients are certified organic, which is something I have recently come to value very much. 


So now you are asking yourself, what did you try? Goodness,  tell us already!


I was most excited to try the Gaia Baby Bamboo WIpes. I love bamboo, from floors to clothes to diapers and feeding pandas, what can the bamboo plant not do?  You might be asking, why bamboo for a disposable wipe?  What does it matter? Well there are a lot of reasons why bamboo.  Bamboo is naturally antibacterial for one, which is why it makes a great cloth diaper fabric. The Gaia bamboo wipes are 100% biodegradable and they will degrade in 14 days.  I love that. It's harvested from plantations or farms, so they aren't clear cutting forests or animal habitats.  


I love these wipes because they smell so yummy and clean. Remember that i said there are no artificial fragrances, so that means nature just smells yummy. They do a fantastic job of cleaning up during diaper change time. 


We also got to test the Baby Starter Kit which has just about everything included. This is the perfect gift for a new baby or for travel. I plan on taking ours with us on vacation at the end of March. 


Baby Bath & Body Wash

Baby Shampoo

Baby Moisturizer

Skin Soothing Lotion

Baby Massage Oil



The Bath & Body Wash is great. It is soap free which means it isn't going to dry out skin. The cleansing agent is derived from coconut and the other ingredients are from pure essential oils. The sweet orange and lavender scents are heavenly but very light on Cora's skin. We like this. Coraline has started trying to eat any kind of bubbles so, well, at least we know it's safe. 



Baby Shampoo is finally starting to come in handy again since Cora is finally getting her hair back. This smells similar to the Body Wash since it has the sweet orange essential oil in addition to evening primrose and chamomile. I love the smell of chamomile. The ingredients here are supposed to condition and brighten hairs natural highlights. I'm starting to think I'm using the wrong shampoo in our shower!  I like the low suds with the Gaia Baby as well, less bubbles in my babies mouth. As usual, we got some of this in our eyes when rinsing and Cora didn't flinch, so it's definitely gentle. 


Baby Moisturizer is one of my favorite things in this pack. With shea butter, chamomile, sweet orange, and avocado oil it is a great moisturizer that is extremely light. I use a lot of creams and lotions for myself, it's a slight addiction, one thing I have come to value is something that absorbs quickly, is not greasy and does its job on dry winter skin. The Gaia Baby is definitely a good one. I'll pick up a larger version of this moisturizer for certain. 


The Skin Soothing Lotion is what we would just call diaper cream here in the United States.  I will admit I was confused as to why there were two types of lotions. Upon further inspection which was just my squirting it on my hand, I realized this was diaper cream.   We actually got the chance to use this when Cora got her second ever diaper rash last week. I actually used a few other creams before remembering I had Gaia Baby ready and waiting. It smells good, smell means a lot to me if you didn't catch that. They really did their research on finding something soothing and gentle for sure. In addition to the usual zinc, they included bees wax, chamomile, lavender, calendula, castor oil and wheat germ oil. Whatever magic is in this cream, it's not listed on the ingredients, but it did the trick in just a couple days.  


I also got a great tip on application from Gaia, dabbing and not rubbing the cream on so as not to further irritate the area.  I also want to note that because I was slightly afraid of using a cream with my cloth diapers, I used disposable liners with my diapers while using the cream.




The last little bottle is very fun, the Baby Massage Oil. Massage is a great way to bond with your baby and relax before bedtime or, that is what people keep telling me. For my baby, not so much. We learned infant massage in our first mommy and me class, so Cora has been hating it since way back! I always try, but she is simply too silly to relax for a massage, ever. I have tried everything from being super quiet, after bathtime, in the warm room, soothing music. She just laughs and wiggles away. I was able to use this to do some gentle foot massage though. The feet have about a million little pressure points, at least it was the one place she allowed it. With sweet almond oil, and lavender. It smells good. It is not greasy, it absorbs quickly. The essential oils in the mix are only .3% of the whole thing, the rest being the almond oil. They also suggest adding it to a bath, which we might try as well. 


For now, I am going to keep loving our Gaia Baby product line. If you didn't know Gaia is the Greek goddess of Earth, the name is well suited.  If you were going to try one new thing this week I would suggest getting the yummy massage oil and seeing if your baby is into relaxation or if like mine, is destined to be a stand up comedian. 


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*disclaimer: I did receive product samples for review. The opinions expressed are my own. Your opinions may differ. I was not compensated with money.