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OK, I had planned on writing more while on vacation but I quickly discovered that it was pretty impossible. Cora is going through the "I only want mommy" phase, we are deep in it for sure. It was bad when we left but I had hoped it was something she would get over quickly. Basically, no one else can take her, not her father, grandparents, friends, no one but me. I am actually pretty sick of people telling me I just have to let her cry and walk away. Firstly, that is not my parenting style, I'm not knocking anyone that chooses to do that, that is not my choice for my family. Secondly, I keep hearing that she will get over it, stop crying after some amount of time when I am ignoring her. That does not happen. I got my haircut one of my first days on vacation so my mother took Cora outside and walked around with her, she screamed for the entire hour. Listening to my baby scream is nothing close to a relaxing vacation for me. 

She is doing better and better. My mom can take her for longer and longer periods of time before she gets fussy. So, I know we are on the up swing. She is asleep for the night so I had a minute to fill before I pass out. Having no option for help or putting her down is exhausting. 

I can not complain at all though, Coraline is an amazing traveller. We took her on her first plane rides when she was only 2 months old and then a car trip at 3 months. She has always been great. On the plane other passengers remarked to me how well behaved she was. Flight attendants said she was the best baby they had ever had on board. All in all the general public has proclaimed my daughter to be a delight. My parents friends and aquantainces are in awe of what a well behaved, happy baby Cora is. Coming from people with children and grandchildren of their own, I take that as a huge compliment. 

I had also planned on posting pictures of our days here but I have been using my mothers camera which for some reason, hates my macbook. Pictures when we get home. 

Tomorrow is my last day here in Anguilla, Monday we are off to St. Martin, we fly back to Boston on Tuesday.  Many pictures will follow as soon as I have time. Coraline has her eye surgery on April 1, which means my attention will be taken by my healing daughter. 

I still have 2 giveaways to post, vacation related, and so much more to talk about. Stick with me!  Warm weather and sunshine has done incredible things for my mood!