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Review/Giveaway: Safety 1st Complete Air Protect Car Seat

One of the largest parts of parenthood is keeping your child safe. Some safety habits come naturally to you, taking the pencil from your 9 month old, putting up baby gates, locking up the cleaning supplies. All parents are faced with safety challenges daily, kids and trouble go hand in hand. Some safety concerns though, require parents to research tirelessly adding to their wealthily parenting data base.  

A car seat is one of those concerns. All babies and children need a car seat, you find this out right away when your hospital or birth center informs you that you must have one in order to bring your baby home. From that moment on you find yourself spying into parked cars with car seats, asking parents what they use, looking in every store and finding places like Consumer Reports. There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to keeping your children safe in the car. It was one of the most overwhelming parts of becoming a new mom. What is going to fit in your car? What fits your style? What fits into your family budget? What are the Safety Ratings? You can spend hours toiling over these questions. The worst part is, once your child gets bigger, you have to start all over again in search of a new age appropriate seat.  This is actually a rather large issue since children should be in a child safety seat  or booster up to age 8 (or until they reach 4'9").
When I decided what car seat we wanted for the next step in Coraline's safety it was a fairly easy choice. The Safety 1st Complete Air  Protect Convertible car seat was rated #2 with Consumer Reports. That alone is a fantastic reason but it also helps that Safety 1st is a company based in my home state of Massachusetts, we do our best to support local companies.  If you have been shopping for a car seat I would find it hard to believe this is the first you are hearing about the Safety 1st Complete Air Protect, it has been everywhere as of late for good reason.

"1 in 4 car crashes involving children are side impact collisions. They are by far the deadliest type of collision for children, accounting for 1 in 3 child fatalities; nearly all of which are caused by head trauma.
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in a crash, a child’s head is the body part most vulnerable to serious and fatal injuries, accounting for 95 percent of all injuries sustained. "

Honestly, when reading this the first few times I just got really sad. No one ever wants to think about their child being injured, being involved in an accident or least of all dying. It was hard to continue the research in spite of my maternal emotions. Safety 1st has developed a revolutionary new system for the Complete Air Protect because the recognize that those fatality and injury rates need to be lowered. Clearly the car seats we are used to, are failing us when it comes to side impact protection.

The Air Protect technology is designed to cushion and impact and transfer the energy away from your child's head. It is not an airbag! You definitely notice the difference as soon as you see the Complete Air Protect, it has two large circular pieces on either side of your child's head. A lot of people actually thought they were speakers when seeing our seat for the first time! Unlike speakers however, these two devises will protect your child's head in a side impact crash, which is revolutionary.

The Complete Air Protect has all the other great features you are looking for in a convertible car seat as well. From 5-40 lbs it works as a rear facing infant seat, this is the range that Coraline is in. From 22 -50lbs it works as a forward facing toddler seat.  Adjustable  head rest height, quick fit harness, and one click LATCH system.

I could really go on and on writing about this car seat, because we love it, but I thought it might be best to give you a quick list of the features we really like.


Quick Fit harness was super easy to adjust to Coraline. I spent an hour one day trying to get her fit into her infant car seat, we were ready to go with this in minutes!

One click LATCH system makes everything a breeze. All newer cars, I think from 2002 on, have the LATCH System and it really is simple to install. My best friend who doesn't have a child, was able to install the seat into her car in minutes.

Coraline always seems comfortable in the seat, at 10 months she can't really tell me but she always falls right to sleep or plays quietly.

Detachable cup holder seemed silly to me at first, but now that Coraline is drinking from a cup, she actually loves having her water right next to her in the car, so kudos on that extra thought.

Looks. I really like the way this seat looks, it is not all pastel or kid oriented in colors and design. It matches the car interior well being all black. Some seats have modest color accents, green, red, yellow, orange, but nothing obnoxious.

It was lightweight! This seat is lighter then the old infant seat and base we had, which is fantastic.


When I had to install it into my mother in laws old car, it didn't feel secure at all. In fact, I probably won't let her drive us again because I wasn't comfortable with the way it felt.  

My only dislike brings me to my next issue of is the seat installed correctly? Maybe I wasn't doing it the right way? That is totally possible and not at all the fault of Safety 1st.

"More than three-quarters (76%) of adults surveyed said safety was the most important consideration when purchasing a car or booster seat. And while an overwhelming majority (92%) said they were very or somewhat sure that their current car seat or booster seat was installed correctly, data collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) suggest as many as 75 percent of car seats on the road today are not properly installed."    - Dorel Juvenile Group

The Dorel Juvenile Group ( Safety 1st Parent Company) cares not only about the safety of your children but getting parents the education to ensure safety as well. Making sure your car seat is properly installed should be a must for all of us.  Which is why I am so excited to announce an upcoming FREE car seat safety check for Boston Area Parents!

When: Friday July 23  10am -2pm

Where: South Bay Plaza, Dorchester MA

Dorel Juvenile Group and AAA are teaming up to host a free car seat safety check in the Target parking lot.  Certified technicians will be on hand from Dorel and AAA to talk to you about installation of your car seats and safety advice. I'm so excited that Dorel Juvenile Group and AAA are offering this event for free!


I apologize for not having a cute picture of Coraline in her Safety 1st Car Seat, I do have this picture of her driving :)




The Safety 1st Complete Air Protect Car Seat is avaiable online starting at $179.99


Safety 1st has generously offered one lucky reader a Complete Air Protect of their own!

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