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...And We're Back

Ok, I have been without internet for 2 weeks or long has it really been? It honestly seems like months since closing day. I am writing this post even though I still have pictures to upload with the house before and currently which I would not say is "after". I can do some bullet points on the complete craziness of moving into a house that is nearly 100 years old and that has been neglected for the past 20. When we bought the house we knew it had good bones, potential and soul; we knew we were going to have to work to bring this house back...but I hadn't planned on being 8 months pregnant while doing that.

I have been very emotional since moving in here, ok emotional and bitchy also. My poor husband, honestly I feel so badly for what I do to him but the hormones are out of control. Coraline however is taking everything in stride. She has not had any distrubted sleep or eating or anything like I feared. Since before the move Cora has been in disposable diapers, we continue this and they are a godsend. Honestly there is no way we could be washing diapers in this disaster. Maybe a list would be easier to sum up our lives at the moment.

  • We are all sleeping in Coras room because we haven't yet painted and cleaned the master bedroom, it is still partially filled with boxes.
  • Since moving in we have no had a working bathroom sink, stove or oven. All of these things need to be replaced something we are slowly working on.
  • After a week we finally got our washer and dryer working! We had to have a plumber put in a new hookup and an electrician put in outlets....yep, hooray for old houses.
  • I think we have cleaned all the gross out of everything...two words for you, mouse poop about sums it up.
  • The living room is the only room that is in some state of finished...painted almost completely.
  • We still need to pain trim throughout the house, including hallways and Cora's room.
  • Our walk in closet (what was once just a small weird room) is painted and cleaned and starting to get filled, one thing off our list.
  • The kitchen is a disaster where we heat thing in the microwave and eat with plastic utensils/paper plates.
  • We have the electrician coming again to install a light in the dining room, one in the bathroom and fix several outlets and switches. 
  • We found out quickly that we have a stray cat colony in the neighborhood which we are working on getting trapped, neutered and released. Most feral cats can't be adopted out since they are technically wild. However, I have some hopes for the 2 kittens that live under our porch with their mother.
  • Every moment we are thinking about things we have to get done.
  • Coraline's 2nd birthday is in 4 the house.

That all seems overwhelming and bad huh? I'm not going to sugar coat, it is. I am constantly trying to pull myself out of a state of depression and see the bright side. I mean, it's awesome that we own our own house! As much as this house is making me a little ill right now, I do love the house. I will love it much much more when it is in order. Here are some good things...

  • Baby Girl moves constantly, not like when I was pregnant with Cora and I would hope for an hour to feel her move. Nope, this little one moves almost constantly.
  • Coraline is very excited for the baby, she even tries to feed her "nummies".
  • I love that we have a front porch and a back porch, I can't wait to get those cleared of stuff with little chairs and tables.
  • Being able to do whatever I want is an amazing feeling, I no longer have to check with anyone. Want to paint a room...done. Want to hang hooks, shelves....done. Want to change something, no problem.
  • Coraline picks up 2-3 new words everyday, I'm so happy she has this new way to express herself which includes singing.
  • Things are slowly getting done!

Maybe I can locate the camera cord for a nice Wordless Wednesday post :)