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3 Things Every Toddler Bathroom Should Have

I love owning our own home. Despite the crazy amount of work we are doing, the headaches, the bandaids, arguments; all totaly worth it because in the end it is our home. Since we moved into a house that needed a ton of work, we have been customizing everything as we go, but the bathroom is a project that is waiting until we have more funds. It's the smallest bathroom ever seen in a house this size, no joke. However, I have found three items that make our bathroom a great place for Coraline that even renters can use.


1. Next Step Potty Seat

We stumbled upon this at one of the many trips we make to Home Depot. Because our bathroom is so very small, we literally can not fit Cora's potty in there, sad right? But now she can use the big potty because it has a build in seat. I absolutely love this product and everyone with a toddler should have one..just $30!


2. My Shower

On another trip to the home improvement store I happened upon this nifty little product, My Shower. Coraline loves all things water, bath and shower. The problem being of course that she is so small and the shower is so high, which means someone has to lift her to get under the water to rinse, which is slippery. This little adapter brings the shower down to her level and she loves it. It's pretty much like putting a water park in your bathroom. It was only $15 and we love it.


3. Step Stool

If you have a toddler then you probably already know they love to wash their hands, or play in the sink. My husband can easily lift Coraline up to the sink for hand washing but at 9 months pregnant it's not so much an option for me. I like this step stool from Ikea because it has two steps, this way when Cora gets a bit bigger but still needs a step, we are all set. Honestly this does not fit in our bathroom, at least not all the time, we have to move it to the hallway when not in use, but it's really lovely looking, not overly kid-centric. At $25 it was pricery then some of the plastic options but definitely worth it.