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Ups and Downs

I haven't written in 2 months. I have a ton going on in my life and mostly, I want to keep it private for now. I am not pregnant :) I just don't share each and everything that is going on, but eventually I will talk about what has been happening, making everything clear. I know everyone will understand why i took the break. However, I am going to be posting more regularly again, it is cathartic. Idle hands are the devils playground afterall.Here are some quick updates (quick because Coraline has been fighting a cold for three days and I have other things to keep me busy).


I feel guilty for not posting monthly letters to Arya, she totally deserves the same amount of special attention that her sister received. I will be trying to catch up starting this month. Arya is now 5 months old, proving that no matter how many times you have a newborn, the time is fleeting. Especially the early months. At her last check up she was 14lbs, yes; she is a gigantic baby. What I didn't get with my first born I now enjoy with Arya...chubby baby rolls! She is also tall like her sister, so this makes her just seem large. She is in 12 month clothes. She laughs all the time, loves her jumperoo thing and watching her sister is a favorite past time. I can not even begin to describe the light in her eyes every morning when she first sees that Coraline is finally awake (because Arya is our early riser waking at 6 every morning, 5am before we switched the clocks...hooray for springing forward). Arya can also roll over like a champ, she would just roll right out of the room if we allowed it. She is starting to crawl, which is more of a belly scoot right now, she is clearly desperate to play with the big kids.


Coraline is equally amazing at 2.5years. Her vocabulary is completely astounding and her grasps of concepts and life leaves me in complete awe of her every day. She is by far the funnies person I have ever met. She is very much into fashion ie: overly oppininated about her clothing for the day. I remember clearly being the same way, so she picks her own outfits which are most of the time completely inspiring. I hope to foster in her the idea that "rules" about fashion are whatever she makes them. She continues to be amazing with her little sister telling me that Arya is her baby. Coraline is so involved that not a day goes by when she does not try to breastfeed her sister. Which I allow of course because it is cute, hillarious and heartwarming all at the same time.


My house is a complete disaster and the three differnt medications I am taking for Post Partum Depression are helping so much that I barely remember how terrible I felt before I was on them. I haven't been cloth diapering because the task became so overwhelming with two in diapers that I decided to stop putting the pressure on myself to be perfect and just went with the easier task. I have better ways to spend my time right now. More power to those who cloth diaper more then one baby at a time, really, it's very hard work.

Lastly I will leave you with some amazing pictures that my good friend Ida Mae took at our playdate the other day. If you are a long time reader then you know that Ida and I have been friends since we were pregnant with our oldest children together, and then pregnant with our second children together as well. Watching Coraline with her friend Sam, that she has known since birth, is awesome. Of course, Ida take beautiful pcitures.