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My Life In Service: How Being A Mom is Like Working At Downton Abbey

I am a Downton Abbey addict, watching each episode several times and loving it every moment. With two small children, the more I watched Downton the more my life and the work of those below the stairs seemed to collide in my mind. "Oh, Mrs. Patmore is washing dishes again, I need to wash dishes." No wonder I love this show and these people. I realized I am living a life in service!

Are you living a life in service to your children? Here's how to tell.

If left to your own devices you would be sleeping, but you are in the service of another. You might not bring your child breakfast in bed, but when those feet hit the ground (or when you hear the yell from the bedroom) you are expected to jump into action. 


During most meals you wish you could set up a serve yourself buffet because each of your charges is requesting something different. 

You cook all the meals. 

You wash all the dishes. Over and Over. Extra points if you do this by hand. 

You have possibly been putting on the same clothes everyday for the entirity of your job. 


You serve, often not eating yourself until well after the charges have finished. 

You answer the phone. 


You change their clothes, often several times a day. 


You compliment their clever styling. 


You are in charge of bath time. 



You indulge them when they play "pretend games" 


You play silly games with them, even when the rules and game play make no real sense. 



 You teach them the skills they need to make their way in the world


Obviously, you drive them anywhere and everywhere.


 And last but not least, you carry a dead body for them.

 Or you would.