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Down with the sickness?

I'm ready throw in the towel with the sickness this year. I'm tired exhausted. Between the snow and the almost constant sick children, restful nights are few and far between. Coraline is still my girl with the best immune system in the house for sure. She didn't have even a runny nose until well after her second birthday.This year she has been it with countless sniffles, colds, flu, and pink eye. Seriously? Pink Eye? Not just Pink Eye, Pink Eye during a snow storm. Fun times.


Arya has gotten just as many colds and runny noses. This week though her misery hits new levels with a viral infection, pink eye and every cold symptom available. She has spent days in a restless sleep state.

I have no tips or tricks for the sickness. I have no tips for the snow storms. I'm just ready for it to be over.

I'm ready for this. . .