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Spring, Sprang, Sprung

It's here. I know it's here because the Crocus are here, the first official sign of spring because you can't count on the weather man. I have missed the sun. The warm air. Being outside. 

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Kindergarten in Boston

During the Kindergarten registration process, months ago in Boston, I was told notice would be sent out in mid-March. This is a big deal. Half of the families registering for a K1 (which is a pre K) spot in Boston, don't get assigned a seat at all. For us, that would mean a third year paying out of pocket for preschool that we can't really even afford. 

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Sick Days

This  winter season has totally kicked my ass, because there is no better way to say that. It's just true. I have been more sick then healthy. My children have had everything from the cold to pneumonia. I haven't run in the past 2 weeks. I am eating comfort know for comfort. 

I have now completely given up on looking my very best by the end of April. There is no way I'm shedding 5 pounds let alone 10, right? Who am I kidding. My nose is red and running and my eyes are glazed, I am in the misery of the common cold. I hope this is the last one. I just hope I can get healthy before my trip to Atlanta. No one wants to take a business card from a lady with snot all over her face. 

Speaking of business cards. I haven't even started designing my new ones yet. 

First it was sick kids. Then, a death in our family took me out of town completely spur of the moment. Then my mother was here, sick. Now i am sick. 

Being a sick mother means I still have to get dressed and take Coraline to ballet class and preschool. She has an appt. for speech evaluation on Friday. We have an IEP meeting this month. I have a doctors appointment, next week. Oh and Game of Thrones is coming back on Sunday, so obviously i'm pretty booked. 

I'm wondering how my cards will turn out if I design them while on cold medicine and while drinking a hot toddy?

Big Apple Circus {review}

If you don't want to read my entire review of The Big Apple Circus I will just start by saying, do yourself a huge favor and buy tickets now. You won't want to miss it, it is amazing. 

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The Checklist

There is a certain amount of parental freedom that comes with your children getting older.  At ages 4.5 and 2.5, freedom for me means I can be on the second floor while my children are downstairs. Once, things like folding laundry and cleaning the bathroom (only one, upstairs) were unthinkable.

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The Happening

I have a case of "omg please let this winter end already, i refuse to do anything until there is warmth". Anyone else? I live in New England, I get winter. Winter is not a surprise. I can predict Spring will not come to Boston until the end of March. But this Winter, come on already, this is a class all it's own. My children have played outside in the snow one time because it's always just too damn cold. That is sad. 

So, while I hibernate inside, in a house that looks like a tornado went through it, here is a rundown of what has been happening. 

I auditioned for Listen To Your Mother, which is an awesome show with nationwide casts. Your city might have one! I did not get cast in this years show but I'm excited to be an audience member and listen to some amazing stories. 

I got a hair cut. The fist in 2 years. 

I  finally joined the YMCA that is a block away from our house. Money has been tight and i love running outside anyway. But I relented.  I have gained way too much weight this winter and not being able to run is making everything even worse. This morning I was at the gym by 6am. I know, it sounds nuts to me because that is so not me...or it wasn't. I actually feel energized and ready for my day, that hasn't happened in a long time. 

I am officially going to Mom 2.0 Summit in Atlanta! 

A huge thank you to all the donations I got from readers and friends that have helped me make it this far. It's been an outpouring of love and support that is awesome. Even when winter has sucked the life out of me.  This is mostly the reason I got the hair cut and got off the couch at last, it would be nice to look my best after all. 

My husband also took a new job and started this week. That is exciting but stressful in it's own ways. We are starting new routines, so much has been in flux for us, it will be nice to settle into some new Spring things. 

I'm debating signing Coraline up for Soccer again, more like which league to go with. Things like that. Nothing major on our radar at the moment. Regular old soccer mom stuff.