Hometown Heroes: How Firefighters Protect Your Family

Everyone from sea to shining sea knows firefighters battle blazes and ensure that flames don’t rage out of control. As the name implies, a firefighter fights fires, whether they are residential, commercial, or racing wildfires. It is an occupation that graces almost every city, town, and community in this country, one that is understood to be dangerous and essential. But firefighters’ duties go far beyond the scope of simply putting out fires. These hometown heroes protect your family in a multitude of capacities, from providing educational services to completing rescues.



If you ask a school class of children what they want to be when they grow up, some will invariably answer “firefighter.” It is a career synonymous with courage, excitement, and necessity. Each year, firefighters speak to countless kids and instruct them on the importance of fire prevention, as well as how to respond in an emergency situation. Many children know the “stop, drop and roll” mantra only because they’ve seen the demonstrations during assemblies when firefighters visit. Firefighters also provide drill routines so the students understand what to do if they smell smoke or see a fire in their own homes, encouraging them to develop and practice safety plans with their families.

Barons of the Blaze


Firefighters often enter dangerous scenes, having received training on tackling any fire situation, whether it be a small kitchen blaze or a wildfire consuming its way across thousands of acres. Understanding how to respond to different types of blazes is necessary to determine the best methods for extinguishing them, as flames ignited with hot oil respond differently than do those caused by burning timber. Sometimes a rescue extraction is required, and firefighters will don protective gear and enter an inferno to save civilians from not only homes and buildings, but blazing forested areas as well. After putting out the flames, firefighters investigate the cause of the fire to help prevent future occurrences and discover potential faulty equipment or malfunctions that may have been the instigators.

Their Equipment Is Lit


Firefighters are brave without a doubt. They also have tools that keep them safe to be able to do keep them safe. The iconic firefighter truck is one of the first things that come to mind. When you hear the siren roaring and you’re on the road you should move to the right so that they can get to their emergency situation safely. We must share the road with them. Firefighters come equipped with fire retardant suits that can weigh about 45 lbs. Places like NYC command post radio dealer have special radios that let first responders communicate with each other. They’re like special rugged radios that help firefighters coordinate with other firefighters and EMTs.  They also have special axes to free people from burning houses.

Rescue, EMT, and Good Samaritan

The duties of firefighters are not only relegated to instances involving flames. These dauntless and determined individuals also save lives when they respond to accident scenes, extricate crash victims from vehicles, provide needed medical assistance, initiate water rescues during floods, and retrieve people who have fallen through ice. They are also servants of compassion, participating in toy, blanket, and food drives for those facing hardship.

Firefighters are true hometown heroes who protect you and your family in a variety of ways. Ranging from providing rescues and quenching harmful flames, to teaching your children how to be safe and helping prevent blazes before they start, firefighters are way ahead of whatever you face. You can rest a little easier knowing that firefighters are there whenever and however you need them.

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