On-The-Go Mom: 7 Must-haves For Your Go-to Bag

It’s no secret that motherhood can be chaotic at times. We balance our own personal schedules with our kids’ school, extracurricular activities, doctor appointments, and play dates. Here are some can’t-live-without features of the perfect bag for busy moms:

Sensible Compartments

Busy moms are usually always on the move, often bolting out of the door with minutes to spare and absolutely no time to dig through an oversized purse for essential items. Your go-to bag should have pockets and compartments that make sense and help you access what you need quickly. It is helpful if these include a place for your phone, keys, and day planner or bullet journal.

Durability and Space

Your go-to bag should be attractive in design but able to withstand being tossed into the backseat multiple times a day. If it is pretty but delicate, then it will only become a decorative burden. Make sure that your bag is a big enough size that you can carry what you deem essential, but not feel like you’re carrying around a duffel bag. Take into consideration the types of activities you will be attending and what your normal day-to-day schedule looks like.

Sanitation Tools

Let’s face it, kids are messy. Stash some tissues, travel sized baby wipes and hand sanitizer in one of the zipper pockets so that you are always ready for sticky hands and runny noses. This can be especially important when flu and cold season hit to prevent the spread of germs.

First Aid Items

As moms, we have to constantly think ahead so that we are prepared for just about any calamity. No bag is complete without at least a few first aid items. This might include antiseptic wipes, bandages, antibiotic ointment, and tweezers. If you have the essentials of a mini first-aid kit, you will always be prepared for any splinter, minor cut, or scrape.


medications photo

If you or your family suffers from allergies or other medical conditions, it is crucial to have necessary prescriptions or appropriate over-the-counter medications on hand. Some medications, like Dymista for allergy relief, you may want to consider keeping in your bag. It is a good idea to include headache medicine, light pain relievers, and antacids. For more serious allergies, it is important to keep an EpiPen or prescriptions in your bag so that they are accessible. There is nothing worse than needing a prescription in an emergency only to realize it’s back at the car our house. By carrying clearly labeled prescriptions and common medications, you will always be prepared for any emergency that may arise. They’re also fairly easy to store in small containers and shouldn’t take up an unusual amount of space in your bag.

Sewing Kit

Whether you prefer a fully stocked compact sewing kit or a tiny box with nothing more than a threaded needle, keep a sewing kit in your bag for those inevitable situations that require quick mending. You will save yourself some time and stress the next time your little soccer star rips a hole in her jersey right before a big game.

Bullet Journal

If you have not yet heard of a bullet journal, you are missing out! This planning system is a straightforward way to consolidate your day planner with all your other lists and note books. Use it to plan for future events, stay on top of your deadlines and appointments, simplify your shopping, and make wish-lists. A quick internet search should lead you to several helpful tutorials to get you started.

Bottom line, your go-to bag should make your life easier. It should not be yet another burden in your packed schedule. The best tote for any mom-on-the-go is one that will simplify your day by comfortably storing items that will meet your family’s needs and help you achieve your goals.

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