5 Stunning Hairstyles to Make Your Daughter Feel Like a Princess

When you’re helping your daughter get ready for the day, you’ve probably got a handful of go-to styles, but just as you enjoy trying something a new hairstyle, your daughter too might want to mix things up. Here are five ideas for styles that will make your daughter feel a little extra special.

Surprisingly Simple

Dutch braids are like inside-out French braids. Instead of pulling in new strands of hair over the top of the braid, you add them from beneath. In this style, the braid sweeps around the head before coiling into a bun that looks like a flower.

A Literal Hair Bow

Your daughter may have baskets and baskets of hair accessories, but this adorable ‘do makes her own hair the feature. Simply pull a ponytail halfway through the elastic and part the resulting loop to form the sides of the bow. Pin the remaining hair over the loops and around the base of the pony tail and voila. A hair accessory that’ll always be in style.

A Princess’s Braided Crown

Every princess needs her crown. In this case, a simple pair of braids or twists serves the purpose, starting at the temples or forehead and wrapping around the head. This style works well on a variety of girl’s hairstyles and textures. Simply vary the type of braid or twist to find what works best with your daughter’s hair. For special occasions, add a little extra pizzazz by braiding in ribbons or artificial flowers.

Heart-Shaped French Braids

These might be tricky if you’re still learning to French braid. Once you’ve mastered the technique, however, the heart shape created by these braids makes a nice change from everyday pigtails.

Curly Cuties

If your daughter has naturally curly hair, it can be a challenge to find fun new styles that don’t take forever to pull off. A simple topknot is quick and easy; take it one step further with a wide headband or scarf knotted in a bow. This adds flair as well as keeping fly-aways contained.

Trying out a new style with your daughter is a fun way to bond and spend time together. Before you know it, she’ll be styling her own hair (and rolling her eyes when you offer suggestions). But no matter how old she gets or what her hair looks like, of course she’ll always be your princess.

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