How to Look Your Best This Easter

Remember last Easter when the Kardashians pulled an all-white Easter? Ah, sure you do – and that fashion charade literally took our breath away!

With that in mind, even though it’s not Easter just, there’s no better time than the present to start taking your fashion vows and putting together little ensembles to look your best on this darling holiday. We love the warm weather out and can’t wait for the long sunny days and easy winds (volumes look perfect on a maxi in spring!) to channel our spring loving and look absolutely breathtaking.

Here, to all of you eager fashionistas out there, we’re breaking down a few of our favorite tips to make your next shopping spree just as amazing as you are:

Florals, for spring? Groundbreaking

Yes, we all adored Miranda Priestly condescendingly talking about florals as a suggestion for the next Runway spring feature but we couldn’t shake the love for that same pattern, no matter what – especially in spring!

There’s rarely anything as uplifting, cheerful and fresh as a floral dress, especially if it’s a flowy maxi complimenting your figure and shoulders. This spring, it is up to you to choose your favorite pattern, as everything is allowed – from tiny flowery patterns to large flowers taking over the entire dress (with a lot of embellishments, of course), it’s your choice to make. If, however, going all floral isn’t your thing, you can always choose a simple color dress (hint: mauve, beige/nude, white, Pantone green or ocher) and dress it up with floral accents (jewelry, scarves, jackets or floral bags/clutches/backpacks will do the trick). A flower in your hair is a classic, of course.

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Indulge the change

girl in a burgundy skirt

Change is beautiful, everything about it. The more you let yourself grow, the better things come into your life. The same thing applies to fashion and beauty choices. This spring, let yourself change a few things about your appearance – whether it be your hair, the way you do your makeup or a twist on your current fashion takes. As long as you are walking the path of upgrade, you’re good!

Respond to your own instincts

While we’d all enjoy a Dolche in our closets, looking fabulous doesn’t always have to be about the brand. In fact, good fashion has to do with your mind, your creativity and the level of taste you posses. This spring, make thrift shops your end-game. With a phenomenal range of dresses for sale as well as other items of clothing, you’ll be able to find fantastic pieces that speak volumes about your elegance and commitment to looking good.

Combine the high and low, edgy and soft, simple and over-embellished. Your look should be speaking for you even when you’re silent, so make sure the entire outfit counts for something.

Take interest


Looking good isn’t enough – acting it, now that’s more like it! Showing up to your parents house for Easter all fabulous and put together will definitely stun everyone present but what happens next will determine who you are for real. Make sure you help your mum set the table and add a personal touch to the décor. Play with plate settings, glasses and napkins; be the DJ or welcome other family members. Show everyone that your outer sparkle matches your inner pizzazz, without a doubt!

Don’t be scared

This spring, enjoy oversized necklaces, chokers, hats, bracelets and unusual rings. Top everything with a fabulous backpack, clutch, bag or an unusual laptop or tote bag. Experiment with piercings! Enjoy nailart. Just… go crazy and don’t worry a second about it.

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