Have Teenagers? 4 Tips To Becoming The Cool House

Teenagers have and always will be difficult to handle for their parents. But perhaps one of the worst things you have to endure is being considered “uncool” by your teen. If you really want to shake that moniker, it’s going to take some self-reflection and change on your part, as well as understanding on the part of your teen. It might also include adding some new additions to your home. Use these four tips to become the “cool house” for your teens and their friends.

1. Be Accepting

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The first step to becoming the “cool house” is to become the “cool parent.” Encourage your teen in his or her artistic pursuits, whether they want to start a garage band or write stories. Always encourage honesty and don’t make it easier for your teen to lie to you than tell the truth. For example, while your teen shouldn’t be out at a party drinking with her friends, would you rather she call you to come pick her up, or risk her being involved in an accident that could claim not only her life but the lives of others because she didn’t want to get caught? Make them feel as though they can talk to you about anything, and that you will listen. It’s a fine line to draw between teaching them how to be safe and responsible but letting them know they should call for help when needed. Accept that your teen has the right to make his or her own choices in life, but still provide them guidance. Try to take a healthy interest into some of the things your teen is into. Who knows – you might actually really enjoy it.

2. Install A Pool

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There’s nothing cooler for a teen (figuratively and literally) than being able to invite his or her friends over to go swimming. It provides a great venue for parties and get-togethers of all kinds. Another major advantage to having a pool is it will encourage your teens to be active and exercise. A major drawback is that installing and maintaining a pool is an expensive endeavor, although you can get an above ground pool to save some money.

3. Put Up Some Cool Posters

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Teens tend to like to decorate their rooms with posters featuring their favorite movies, bands and celebrities. So why not let your teen put up some cool posters on the walls outside their room? There have to be some movies, bands or celebrities both you and your teenager like, or at least that you can stand putting up on your walls. Your teen’s friends will be impressed whenever they walk in your front door and have a positive impression of the place just based on what’s up on the walls. If you end up with some valuable or vintage movie posters, be sure to properly frame them, with frames like those at Displays Market. There are many benefits of using poster showboards that you should consider when evaluating decorating options.

4. Get Some Nice Speakers

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Whether it’s a smart speaker, a home surround sound system for your TV or just a quality portable speaker you can plug your music devices into, teens will love being able to blast music around the house every now and again and host parties with a dance floor. Allow your teen to play his or her music on the big speakers every now and again, especially if you don’t mind or it will not be distracting to the task you’re currently trying to accomplish. Again, you never know what musicians or bands might strike your fancy, and you and your teen can connect over a common appreciation for a band.

Becoming the “cool house” can not only help the relationship between your teenager and you, but can help your teenager have a positive base to navigate their teenage years from. If your teenagers feel proud of their “cool home,” they’re much more likely to invite their friends over and have a rich social life. You also won’t have to be as worried about your teens sneaking around behind your back by going elsewhere. Working to make your home “cool” will very likely improve the relationship between you and your teen, and what parent doesn’t want that?

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