3 Reasons Your 16-Year-Old Really Needs Their Own Car

Getting a driver’s license is a huge rite of passage. The only thing bigger at sixteen is getting a car. A car is a quintessentially American symbol of personal freedom, one for which your teen may be more ready than you might think. Below are just three reasons why you should consider helping your teen get a car.

To Get A Job

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One of the biggest legitimate reasons that a teen needs a car is to work. Owning a car gives your teen a chance to get out in the working world and to make a bit of money. Even if he or she is only running errands for you, your teen is still learning a valuable lesson about pulling his or her own weight in the family. If you want your teen to grow up and be more responsible, it might be a good time to consider helping him or her buy a car.

Social Life

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At some point, your teen will develop a thriving social life. As much as you might like this for him or her, it can become a bit of a burden for the rest of your family. If you want to stop driving him or her around on the weekends, talk to a professional, like those at Woody Sander Ford, about getting him or her a vehicle. If you think your teen is responsible enough to socialize with others on the weekend, it’s likely that he or she can also handle the added responsibility of having a vehicle.

Developing Independence

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Perhaps the best reason to help your teen buy a car is that a vehicle will help him or her to become more independent. Your teen needs a chance to stretch his or her wings and get out of the house—something that’s difficult to do when he or she relies on you for a ride. Whether your teen is spending more time with friends or using the car to go study, this sense of freedom will help him or her develop into a more responsible adult. While this kind of freedom can be scary for you as a parent, it’s an important part of growing up.

Only you know if your teen is ready for a car. The reasons above might help you see him or her in a new light, though. Start discussing the possibility of a vehicle with your teen now to get a better feel for what your next move should be.

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