Soon to Be Moms: How to Be Stylish When Pregnant

Pregnancy is stylish by itself. It makes you shine with happiness and gives certain warmth to your appearance. However, only the pregnant women know how hard it is to look that endearing when you’re swollen or nauseated. And quickly, the uncomfortable sides of pregnancy can take over something miraculous happening in your body.

With a little bit of fashion, among other things, you can have fun and keep up with the newest trends. Since your body changed, you will have to accept that you look different and incorporate this transformation into your fashion style.

1.   Close-fitting over bulky style

young pregnant woman

The first thing you’ll be compelled to do is to put on the bulky clothes to hide your body. But this style doesn’t benefit anyone unless they’re snuggling with a book at home. You have a great body and it’s only going to get more and more beautiful, so why hide it?

The close-fitted style will accentuate your figure and stature. Show off those curves, don’t be embarrassed by them. Throughout your life you experienced your body changing, and this is also part of that change. Snug clothes will slim down your silhouette and still make you feel comfortable. Knitted tops are perfect for this since they stretch to your form. Leggings and skinny pants are nothing to shy away from. Pair them with a long, cotton shirt or button-up tunic.

2.   Use colors

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Neutral colors are great but there is no need to be so indifferent to the shades you wear. Black and white can be there in one piece of clothing or accessories. But otherwise, be more free with the colors. Try out even some you never thought of wearing before.

Mood swings are normal during pregnancy and you should brighten up your day with some flamboyance or bolder shades. If you’re color shy, do it little by little. Put on some bright piece, like a scarf and move slowly to bigger pieces of sweaters, trousers and a dress. You’ll see, adding color will make you feel and look better.

3.   Adapt your style

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Your personal style has certainly undergone changes through the years. However, there are always some things we like and dislike when it comes to wardrobe. This means that you don’t have to change in pregnancy, but adapt.

For example, if you are a conservative type, you can adapt by choosing pencil skirts that are made of comfortable fabrics. It’s important to avoid any constricting materials that will feel too tight to the skin since it’s normal to retain water in pregnancy. So instead of jackets, wear loose blazers and choose fabrics which will allow movement.

4.   Don’t hide and show some skin

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Pregnancy will bring you curves so don’t hide them, but show them off. If you have a small chest, you will quickly discover you can show some cleavage. Don’t hide your skin behind long-sleeved shirts and floor-length skirts. Celebrate the change of your body.

Swollen feet come with pregnancy, but you shouldn’t be reluctant to buy Menorcan sandals, for example, because of it. They will expose your ankles, but wearing open shoes is better on the feet and will let them breathe. They can prevent infection and discomfort during the warm weather, and you can easily take them off and raise your feet up. However, if you wear heels, do it moderately. They can be more demanding on the back and your posture is important during pregnancy. Small heels are, however, allowed if you feel comfortable in them and they are made with ergonomic soles.

5.   Add decorations and accessories

pregnant woman in a dress

Clothing decorations like sequins or embroidery are all welcome. They can make your wardrobe more interesting and even hide some of your insecurities. Patterns can look great on pregnant ladies and can even elevate their mood.

The combinations are various, from polka dots to flowery designs. Use your pregnancy body as an excuse to try some new decorations on your clothes. It’s the perfect time to experiment and find your new style embellishments. Additionally, when it comes to accessories, go for those that don’t cling too tightly to the skin to avoid allergies and pinching.

All in all

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Pregnancy is the positive change and embrace it so. Go shopping and instead only looking through the maternity aisle, check some of the other styles. There is always room for fashion, so don’t give up and start going through your wardrobe to pair up something new. Maybe by discovering motherhood, you will discover some new fashion styles.

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