Tea Lover on the Go? 4 Tips for Making Your Favorite Beverage Quick & Easy

Always being on the go can be stressful. You wake up early, run tons of errands, heard kids around, go to work, cook meals and whatever other things that keep you occupied all day. In the end, you go to sleep just to do it all over again. When do you have the time to enjoy a good cup of tea? Fitting in the time for that beloved luxury of yours is tough, right? It is no longer. Keep reading to learn a few tips to help make it quick and easy:

Utilize Bowl Brewing

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Straightforward, simple, and effective. Bowl brewing simply requires a wide mouthed bowl and some loose leaf tea. Sprinkle a couple of teaspoons of tea leaves at the bottom of the bowl and fill with hot water from a dispenser. Continue to refill the bowl after you sip until the leaves no longer provide any more flavor. Try to stick with large leaved teas so they sink to the bottom instead of floating to the top of the water.

Brew “Grandpa Style”

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Similar to bowl brewing, Grandpa-style requires loose leaves sprinkled lightly at the bottom of a tall glass. Pour slightly cooler water that normal brewing methods require over the leaves and use their teeth as a strainer while you sip. To combat bitterness, add more water when you get toward the bottom and stick to “lighter” leaves such as oolong and white teas.

Brew Cold Style

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Sometimes heating water simply isn’t available, but cold tea is delicious too! Use a mason jar for loose leaf teas or water bottles for tea bags and brew the tea in a refrigerator for six to eight hours. If you do this at night, it’ll be ready to go in the morning. Cold brewing is great for fruity teas or fragrant, green teas. Yunnan black teas are also a great choice if you have those leaves on hand.

MacGyver a Filter

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Sometimes creativity is a must when you don’t have the necessary tools on hand and only have loose leaf teas at your disposal. Poke holes along the bottom of a paper cup. Insert the cup into another paper cup and fill it with tea. Pour hot water over the leaves and let your tea steep. Slowly lift the cup up and allow the tea to drain through your makeshift filter into the cup below.

Keeping loose leaf teas and tea bags in a protective pouch will prevent you from having to rely on hotels and other establishments providing the tea of your choice. When using a travel mug, stick to mugs that are either ceramic or double walled to keep your tea warm for an extended period of time. Happy brewing!

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