Fashion Sense: 4 Tips for Choosing Your Baby’s Clothes

After your baby is born, you might discover that it’s difficult to choose clothes that are comfortable. You don’t want to keep your baby in sleepers all the time, but you likely won’t need to dress your baby up in fancy clothing while lounging around the house. Fortunately, there are a few tips that you can follow when you’re buying clothes for your baby regardless of the occasion.

Larger Sizes

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The first few months and years of your baby’s life are filled with growth, which will mean that the clothes you purchase won’t stay in the closet for a long time. When you’re shopping for clothes, get items that are a size larger than your baby’s age. This will give you a few options in case there is a growth spurt or in case your baby is larger for his age.

Covering the Diaper

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For most parents, diapers with fasteners on the sides are the best option. However, cloth diapers are still available. These diapers need to be washed after your baby uses them. You can purchase jeans and other types of pants for cloth diapers that provide comfort for your baby while protecting against leaks, like those offered by Chunkabuns. A sleeper is another option if you want simple coverage over a diaper. If you don’t plan on going out during the day, then a gown would be convenient for when you change the diaper.

Clearance Shopping

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There’s nothing wrong with looking at the clearance section when purchasing baby clothes. This is often the best way to save money on your child’s clothes for the entire year if you plan ahead. Get a few items that your baby can wear now, but look at how old your child will be in the coming seasons. Double the size that you need to purchase if you want to get clothing for the following year during the same season. An example would be if your baby is six months old now, then you would get clothes that are between 12 and 18 months for the next year to wear during the same season.

Shop Consignment

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You can often find bargains at consignment stores. If you shop at an upscale consignment store, you can usually find the latest fashions for babies without paying the full retail price. You can also take the clothes that your baby can’t wear to sell them or exchange them for other clothes.

Finding clothes for your baby might seem easy, but there are a few things that you need to consider. Look ahead to the size that your baby might be in a few months from now instead of what your baby is currently wearing. Comfort should be a factor in deciding what kind of clothes you purchase because you want your baby to feel secure during the day.

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