Cool Mom: 4 Stylish Clothing Options Your Teenage Son Will Love

As a mom, it’s sometimes hard to determine what your teenage son would wear and what would remain in the closet. You might not think that the styles for boys would change that much because there usually aren’t as many colors to choose from or types of clothing to wear as there are with girls, but there are changes from year to year with what’s popular. If you follow a few tips and options that are available, then you can be one of the cool moms who buy outfits your son will enjoy.

Long-Sleeve Shirts

shirt photo

One of the trends that you’re going to see this year is long-sleeve shirts that are tied around the waist to act as a belt. Plaid will be at the top of the list of designs, but you’ll also see plain colors that are around the waist instead of on the shoulders. A black jacket or sweatshirt with a plaid shirt that has black in it would be a good choice for this look.

Pants Like A Pro

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There aren’t as many jeans worn by teen boys today as there have been in recent years. Many boys are looking for comfort. Motorcycle pants, like those offered at Jane Motorcycles, have enough room in the legs so that your son will be able to move around, but the waist and ankles are a bit more form-fitting so that the pants won’t fall off. Baggy pants are also an option, but you have to be able to pair them with the right shirt, such as a sleeveless hoodie. Shoes or boots that come over the ankles complete this kind of outfit and will be one that your son is sure to enjoy wearing.


hoodie photo

Whether they have sleeves or not, the hoodie is going to be a popular item to keep in the closet for teen boys this year. A Polo-style hoodie with pants of a khaki color or jeans is a good combination. Joggers with a sleeveless hoodie is another outfit that your son might want to wear.

Going Black

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This year, there won’t be many colors for teen boys. A blackout looks like it’s going to take place, and with the right shoes and accessories, it’s a style that can look professional or fun depending on how it’s worn. You’ll likely see more black pants than shirts as there will still be a few colored details mixed in on the shirts for boys.

It’s sometimes hard to determine what a boy would wear when he’s a teenager. Stick with the basics as you usually can’t go wrong with a few plain colors. Consider looking online and in magazines for some of the latest styles.

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